new better one duplex overhead

Product Description

One concentric-lay-stranded all aluminum conductor covered with PE (Standard NS75) or XLPE (90°C NS90) twisted together with one bare either AAC, ACSR, or AAAC concentric lay stranded neutral.


Used in the overhead distribution of power from pole to building weatherhead.

Specification Data

ASTM B-230 Aluminum 1350-H19 wire for electrical purposes
ASTM B-231 Concentric-lay-stranded aluminum 1350 conductors
ASTM B-232 Concentric-lay-strande aluminum conductors, coated-steel reinforced (ACSR)
ASTM D-1248 Polyethylene plastics molding and extrusion materials
ASTM C-8.35 Specifications for weather-resistant polyethylene-covered wire and cable
ICEA S-61-402  
NEMA PUB NO. WC 5 Standards publication thermoplastic insulated wire and cable for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy


Phase: Black jacket with white letters
Neutral: Bare. (If neutral is insulated (NI), black with 3 white stripes)
Sequential markings every 3ft (1m)


Standard part temperature = 75°C max (NS75), for 90°C (NS90) replace () with 90.   ex: DPLEX90-Pekingese
For insulated neutral add "NI" to Part # category. Ex: DPLEX90NI-Pekingese