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PE Covered Aluminum Line Wire

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Overhead Distribution Cables
National : CSA C68.9; ICEA S-70-547

Nexans Single Conductor Polyethylene-Covered Line Wire is rated for a 75°C normal conductor temperature, and is intended for use in overhead distribution circuits operating at primary or secondary voltages. The covering provides circuit protection against momentary contact with other conductors or trees. Because the covering carries no voltage rating, the conductors must be installed on insulators adequate for the intended service voltage. The user should consider the dielectric compatibility of the covering, insulator and conductor/insulator tie.


Conductor Construction
Conductors are available in the following constructions:

Aluminum alloy 6101 (A2), round concentric-lay stranded (AASC)
Aluminum alloy 1350 hard drawn (A1), round concentric-lay stranded (ASC)
Aluminum conductor, steel reinforced (A1/S1A), round concentric-lay stranded (ACSR)
Copper, medium-hard drawn, round concentric-lay stranded
Aluminum alloy 1350 hard drawn, compact round stranded (A1F)
Aluminum conductor, steel reinforced, compact round stranded (A1F/S1A)

Covering Material
The covering material is either black linear low-density polyethylene or black medium- density polyethylene to ANSI/ICEA S-70-547 and CSA C68.9. Alternatively, a covering of black low-density crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) with a 90°C temperature rating is available upon request.


The covering will bear the following surface markings:

Year / Month of Manufacture
Conductor Size and Material
Covering Material
Product Designation "Line Wire"
Sunlight Resistant
"INH" to indicate presence of conductor corrosion inhibitor, if applicable

Nexans Overhead Covered Line Wire is manufactured and tested in accordance with ANSI/ICEA S-70-547 and CSA C68.9.